Doctor and tourism promoter from Sanremo

Francesco OnettiHe was born in Sanremo on 3 November 1817. A doctor by profession, he was the author of numerous and authoritative scientific publications covering all fields of medicine (from studies on bloodletting, to the way children were raised, to the treatment of fevers, to the study of water composition, cholera and tisisis therapy) and was a member of important scientific institutions worldwide.

Il suo libro
Il suo libro
But, the reason why he is remembered, is due to the fact that he dedicated himself to spreading news about the climate and natural beauty of our city, contributing together with other pioneers to make Sanremo known to foreigners, especially the English, triggering what would become the great tourism of our Riviera. In particular, he wrote two pamphlets: "Sanremo and its surroundings", published in 1860, and "Sanremo, its climate and its monuments", published in 1877, in which he describes our territory with great detail, praising the healthiness of the climate and underlining its validity as a means for the cure of many diseases.

He also said that the winter temperature in Sanremo was the highest in the whole country and that the summer heat was never sultry, so the climate in Matuzia was the most temperate and suitable for a happy stay and eventual cure for various illnesses that, in those times, struck the people who were obliged to live in cold and humid climates.

On 27th February 1897 he died in Sanremo.

(source : Marco Mauro)


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