Doctor and tourism promoter

Gio Batta PanizziHe was born in Sanremo on 10th August 1819. He graduated in Genoa and carried out his professional activity with remarkable skills in our City.

He was, however, soon involved by Countess Adele Roverizio di Roccasterone in an intense propaganda activity to make the climate and beauty of Sanremo known in Italy and especially abroad. In 1860 he wrote and published a pamphlet "Sanremo and its climate" of a strictly scientific nature, which was soon translated into English at the invitation of Giovanni Ruffini, and received the widest acclaim both at the Academy of Medicine of Italy and Turin and abroad, becoming a fundamental tool for tourism in Sanremo.

He was also the author of numerous articles in English newspapers, and made as many trips to England in order to make our city known and to meet local personalities to draw attention to our Riviera. He also made every effort to guarantee an appropriate welcome to the tourists who came to the Riviera, opening an English school in Sanremo, free of charge.
It was he who in 1860 turned to the entrepreneur from Rivoli, Pietro Bogge, for advice on how to build a hotel in the city.

The same entrepreneur was so involved that in 1861 he built the Hotel de Londres, the first large hotel in Sanremo, at the beginning of the city.

Panizzi also had numerous public appointments, including the vice-presidency of the Società Operaia Sanremese (Sanremo Workers' Society) and, certainly, he must be counted among the small group of far-sighted pioneers of tourism to whom the merit of having made our City great goes.

He died in Sanremo on 4th March 1886.

The Municipal Administration dedicated a street to him at the Foce.

(source Marco Mauro)

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