Canon, Attorney and Benefactor

Retirement home Massa - BoreaHe was born in Sanremo on 3 February 1793 from Giacomo and Pietro Debenedetti's sister, Caterina.

Canon and lawyer, he inherited the property from his uncle Pietro Debenedetti, with wills dated January 10, 1855 and September 15, 1858 signed by the notary Rodi, as a legacy, but the usufruct of the house remained with Debenedetti's widow Caterina Grossi, of the funds and shops located in the Spirito Santo district (today via Debenedetti), with the obligation to constitute every year, in perpetuity, always when there was the net product of three hundred lire, a dowry corresponding to this sum in favour of the daughter who had been recognised as destitute by the provost of San Siro.

Commemorative plaquesAgain as a legacy, he still inherited from his uncle two lands, one in the Bonmoschetto region and the other in Pian di Nave, with the obligation to give a penny to the poor over fifteen years of age, every Friday of every week. Following the death of his aunt on 28th August 1870, he ceased to use the property located in the Spirito Santo district and so he found himself inheriting the furniture, objects and silverware already in his possession.belonged to Debenedetti.

With a will drawn up on 24th May 1871 by the notary Nota, he assigned everything he had received from the Debenedetti couple, with the exception of Bonmoschetto's land left to his great-grandchildren Giulia, Caterina and Adelaide, to the foundation of a "Monte di pietà" to be erected in Sanremo.
A few weeks after the drafting of his last will, he died on 16th June 1871.

This Mount of Mercy, even though it was erected in the moral body with Royal Decree 27 July 1873, never came into operation, but was converted in favour of the Beggar's Hospice, erected in the moral body with Royal Decree 10 January 1886, according to what the Municipal Administrators of the time had proposed.

In April-May 1895, the Municipal Administration finally decided to erect a shelter for the elderly, which still bears his name in the street of the same name, inaugurated in 1896 and immediately dedicated to his memory.

(Source: Vite di Sanremesi Illustri di A.Gandolfo)

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