Dialectalist writer and poet

Pio CarliOn 15 February 1893 Pio CARLI was born in Sanremo, a descendant on the mother's side of the family of the astronomer Giandomenico Cassini di Perinaldo.

He took part in the First World War where he deserved a war cross.

A lover of dialect, he dedicated himself to a scrupulous search for words, proverbs and dialectal idioms with the intent of handing them down as much as possible.

From this research work was born his "Dizionario Sanremasco-Italiano", published in 1971 and completed shortly afterwards with the "Dizionario Italiano-Sanremasco", which still represent the reference point for scholars and fans of the Sanremasco dialect.

He also wrote "Ina mandiá de giargun sanremasco" a large collection of dialectal proverbs and sayings. He was also the author of numerous poems and works in dialect including the famous "A foura de Matuta".

He was proclaimed "Meritorious Citizen" by the Municipal Administration in 1972.

He died in Sanremo on 15th January 1990.

(source Marco Mauro)

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